20 Steps To Less Stress

20 Steps To Less Stress

I don’t know about you but I really want to live a good life. Now, what is a good life?

I think a good life is just a peaceful one that you are content with it.

So with that being said, here is 20 things thing you should be doing that will make you live a good life!

You should start drinking more water and tea.


Why? 20 Steps To Less Stress


For one it’s really good for you. Green Tea is supposed to help you lose weight, look younger, help you stay alert, and help you live longer according to https://authoritynutrition.com/top-10-evidence-based-health-benefits-of-green-tea/

What is nicer than fixing yourself a nice cup of tea and grabbing up a great book and finding a nice place to sit to read. It’s peaceful and relaxing.

I love sitting outside with a hot cup of tea on a cold day and watch the steam rise from the cup as it warms my hands. I love reading a good book while I drink my tea, plus I know it’s really good for you!


You should eat a large breakfast.


Why? 20 Steps To Less Stress

It helps you jump start your day with energy and helps wake you up in the morning. It keeps you full longer so no more binging throughout the day on junk food = weight loss!

Now, what is a nice breakfast? Well, it varies.

What I think is a nice breakfast is over-easy eggs on toast with a cup of orange juice. But, you do have to watch the sugars though in my opinion as juice is loaded with them.

However, if you do want to eat junk food then mornings are the time to do it as it burns off throughout the day.


Eat lots of fruits and veggies.


You probably just balked at that one, right? 20 Steps To Less Stress

Well, there’s plenty of ways to get in those veggies that make it taste great! Such as stir-fries, salads, ect.

There’s so many awesome recipes on Pinterest for making easy veggie meals.

Now, for me at least, eating fruits is the easy part because they taste so good! They are great at filling you up and keeping you full for the day.

They are packed with fiber and vitamins that help you stay full. Bonus is weight loss!


Go for walks.


20 Steps To Less StressI personally love going for a long walk in the woods and hearing all the birds around me. I love the smell of the forest after a rain and how soft the ground is.

I love the feeling of the wind against my face and I love walking. For me, that is a good life.

What is better than finding a beautiful trail and walking it with someone you love. Rather that is your dog or a friend it doesn’t matter.

There’s many benefits to walking. It helps you clear your mind and reliefs stress. It helps get you stronger and helps you lose weight as well.

It’s very peaceful to just walk with no destination in mind with someone you love.


Go to bed earlier.

20 Steps To Less Stress

Now I know this one can be hard for me at least. I am kind of a night owl at times.

This is a good thing to do however because it gives your body a break from the endless hours and can give you a fuller nights rest and gives you more energy in the mornings.

Sometimes your body just needs a break and this is the one way to give it to it. Remember, you body is a temple so treat it like one.


Read a good book.

20 Steps To Less Stress

This is one of my favorites to do is to go to the library and just quietly scan the shelves for a new book. I love leafing through the pages and reading about new worlds.

I love it when I find a great one and find a nice quiet spot to just sit and read. I love the peacefulness of it.

I love the simplicity of just reading and being content.


Stop dwelling on negativity.

20 Steps To Less Stress

This one can be super hard to do for me. I am not high on self confidence and I often doubt myself on many things.

What helps me get out of this is to put on music and just drown out the rest of the world. Music speaks to your soul.

Also sitting down with a nice cup of coffee with chocolate creamer never hurts either. Cuddles from my dog really perks me up.

Sometimes just starting a positive journal of all your good aspects can help you and get your mind off of things.


Enjoy the little things in life.

20 Steps To Less Stress

This has to be one of my favorites and sometimes can be the hardest for people to really master it.

There is nothing better then to take the time to smell the roses and feel the warm sun against your skin. There is nothing that makes me more happy then a sweet kiss from my dog while laying under the stars.

What brings a smile to my face is watching animals just go about their life in their peaceful little settings.

Just laying out a blanket on the grass while the sun is out and having a picnic with my loved ones brings a great peace over me.

Finding a nice spot to sit while it’s raining and just watching the ocean is wonderful and just really feeling to rain against you.

Sit down at your favorite shop with your favorite food and just simply watch people go about their lives can open your mind and relax you.

Savor your food and really taste it instead of just swallowing it without thought.

Slow down and smell the roses. You have many years ahead of you. You can either spend them stressed or at peace.

The choice lies with you and you only.


Dress up.

20 Steps To Less Stress

Now this probably sounds kind of funny but I’m serious. Sometimes just picking out a pretty dress or such can really make you feel more confident in yourself and can help perk you up.

Sometimes just fixing yourself up makes you feel better. But only do it for yourself and not because you feel like you have to.

You are beautiful/handsome in your own way, with or without makeup. Don’t do something because someone tells you that you have to.


Throw out what you don’t need.

20 Steps To Less Stress

There’s probably many things in your home that you really don’t need anymore. Maybe you even have things in storage that you’ll never do anything with.

It’s time to let go of it and clear out old stuff that’s holding you down.

As my Mom always says, “If you have to store it then you don’t need it.”

Now you don’t have to throw it away, you could always donate it or reuse it for something else. Or even better, you can sell it on Ebay or other sites like it.

Letting go of old things can lift weights off of you that you didn’t even know that you had and it can free up space in your home.


Start doing meditation.


20 Steps To Less StressThis is something I have done in the past that really does seem to help but it can be hard to get into a habit of it.

You really need to take five minutes of your day and go somewhere alone to be in quiet to just still your mind and do meditation.

This can help you think better, slow your thoughts down, clears your mind, and helps you with your reasoning skills.

Plus it’s just peaceful.


Listen to music.

20 Steps To Less Stress

What is better then putting on a great song and just tune out to it in your own little world?

Music speaks to your soul and you should really listen to some. There’s so many songs out in the world you are sure to find a favorite in no time!


Don’t judge people.

20 Steps To Less Stress

This is an important step in life and one you should try to learn early in life. Everyone is going through their own battles and troubles in their life.

Just because their yard is trashed because mean their family is broken. They could be the happiest people in the world because they don’t care about their outer looks.

Remember that everyone is on their own journey in life and they all chose different paths than you.

No one is perfect. No one.


Don’t put things off.

20 Steps To Less Stress

I have a tendency to put things off and procrastinate, I know, horrible right?

This is something that I personally struggle at. Many times it’s because of my fear and confidence level on that day or week.

But there is something I have noticed when I put things off. I become stressed out and unhappy. Not a good thing!


I always feel horrible when I put things off I know I should be doing and I always feel such a big weight lifted when I finally do the thing I am supposed to do.


Take a nice bath.

20 Steps To Less Stress

This is a super nice thing to do when you need to just relax and rest your weary body for the day.

There’s so many things you can add to the water to make it more relaxing and makes you smell good when you get out.

You can play some music and just zone out or you can grab up a good book to read. Bonus is to take tea or hot chocolate with you!

Nothing more relaxing then a hot bath at the end of the day!


Treat yourself!

20 Steps To Less Stress

When you do something that you’ve been wanting to do for a very long time then take a day to treat yourself for it.

You worked hard to get where you are now, you deserve a reward for it. Maybe your idea of a god reward is a nice walk or a coffee at your local coffee shop.

Whatever it is, you should do it!


Watch a good Movie/Tv show.


20 Steps To Less StressSometimes just sitting down with some popcorn and a good movie can really cheer a person up. I know I love sitting with my dog and cuddling him while I watch my favorite Tv show.

If it brings a smile to your face then you should do this more often! Take the time to enjoy your life!


Read more inspiring quotes.

20 Steps To Less Stress

If you’re feeling down and out about life or a problem in it then sometimes just looking up a motivating quote can help bring you out of your flump.

Pinterest is filled with wonderful quotes and is filled to the brim with motivational sayings. You should go and check them out!


Wake up with a smile.

20 Steps To Less Stress

What can help your day to start out better is to rise with a smile and say to yourself that this day is going to be the best day in the whole world!

It can help set your mind on a new path and can brighten things up for you. Even better if you take the time to notice the beautiful things in your life when you first wake up, even if it’s just a bird on the sidewalk outside of your window.

Find something to smile about.


Life Is A Journey. Accept yourself for who you are.

20 Steps To Less Stress


You will go through life feeling like you’re just not good enough or you just don’t make enough money to be happy.

I used to think this and sometimes still find myself going back to that way of thinking but then I just smile at myself and ask myself, “When is enough?”

I can never answer that because I don’t think we really can. There’s always a desire for more, rather that is for money or love or whatever. There is always a desire for more.

However, you can change your way of thinking if you love what your already have and who you already are.

As we go through this journey called life we will learn and change and love and loose. We will succeed and fail, we will rise and fall.

What makes us evolve as people is the acceptance of yourself and giving yourself that time to learn. Soon you may even see those “Failures” as just a lesson on the road of life.

What we chose to become in the end is up to us and always will be our decision. Kind of a cool/scary thought huh?

We can literally change who we are at any point in our life and decide to choose a different path at any point.

If we hate our jobs, we can find something different. If we don’t love the person we’re with, we can find someone else.

If we don’t like ourselves, we can change that too! Life is amazing and awe inspiring in so many ways.

In the end, I think we need to more gentle with ourselves and remember that life is a great journey.

Where will you end up?


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