How To Know If Blogging Is For You

How To Know If Blogging Is For You

So you’ve been hearing everyone talking about blogging this and blogging that and you’ve often wondered what it takes to be a blogger.

So what does it take and how do you know if it’s for you?

Here’s a simple list to know if blogging really is for you.


You’re creative. 


One of the biggest things in my book in order to be successful at blogging is being creative. I mean think about it, you have to write up blog posts all the time so being creative really helps in this.

You have to be able to come up with new things to blog about that engages your readers and helps them in some way.

Remember why people read things? It benefits them in some way or another, like this post for example.

If you find yourself getting excited over the things you create and you’re always daydreaming then blogging is probably for you.


You are your own boss.

How To Know If Blogging Is For You

This is another important part of being a blogger. You have to be able to push yourself into writing the next post and also promoting all on your own.

This is all on you and by default, it is up to you to make this thing work.  You own this blog, you are your boss.

You own this blog, you are your boss.

Now for me, I think this is the greatest part of being a blogger is not having someone telling me what to do every day.

I love being able to sit around in my PJs with my dog and being able to write when I watch Netflix. I love the freedom that comes with this.

I love that this will make me money if I work at it and I love being able to do this at any time during the day or night.

I mean, what other job could you get that you can go for a walk and be making money while you’re gone?

Yeah, that’s the potential from a blog. Cool, right?

If this interests you then blogging is probably for you!


You like to work and see the results of that work. 


How To Know If Blogging Is For YouThis is another thing that you have to be okay with because, as I said before, blogging does take work.

You can’t just write up a post and expect money to just randomly roll in. You have to advertise your work and find someone who needs your post.

This is all up to you to make this thing work so you must post your blog posts around and get people to engage in it.

If you enjoy putting some work into something and then seeing the results after a while.ogging just may be for you!

Blogging just may be for you!


You are an Introvert.  

How To Know If Blogging Is For You

This isn’t as important as the other steps but this does help a bit.

If you’re the type that likes to avoid most of the population and just be home then blogging is awesome for that.

I think blogging is like an Introvert’s dream. You are able to do whatever you want throughout the day and avoid people.

You don’t have to look at people when you speak to them. You can hide behind a screen and type out long conversations.

Blogging is so cool for that. I love that aspect of it!


You’re a good writer.

How To Know If Blogging Is For You

This is an important step in starting up a blog and one your readers will love you for if you have it.

Being able to form sentences and paragraphs is an amazing skill to have.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t be a blogger if you can’t spell very well.

You can learn to build your writing skills and you can work on your grammar. You can improve so don’t feel like you’re doomed before you’ve started.

Just know that readers really love good grammar.

Have you ever had to read a giant block of text on some site?

I have, it was super hard to read and I just backed out of that site and choose another one over it.

So if you are a good writer and really enjoy writing then blogging just may be for you!


You understand Social Media.

How To Know If Blogging Is For You

This can really help if you know and understand Social Media. You can advertise your blog and connect with new readers through Social Media.

I have a facebook Page for my blog and that allows me to find more people that would enjoy reading my blog. Find it here.

I find Pinterest to be the best form of advertising because there are so many different types of people that are very active on that site.

I did a post on how to drive more traffic to your blog using Pinterest. Find that here.

All of the younger generation is using Social Media and even the older generation is using Facebook.

Take advantage of this easy way to gain more traffic!


You’re not afraid to make mistakes and put yourself out there. 


How To Know If Blogging Is For YouThis is the most important part of being a blogger and one that can be a little intimidating. You have to be able to put yourself out in the world and be willing to take the risk that people might not like your content.

You also have to be ready to make mistakes and take the hit on that.

You may write a blog post and share it only to see that the featured image is misspelled. (I’ve done that before, Haha!)

This can be super scary to people who want to enter the blogging world and it can be hard to take that step.

However, if you never take that step then you’ll never know if you’re secretly made to be a blogger.

Something that really helped me overcome my fears is to understand that blogging is nothing but a long conversation with someone and, like in real conversations, you just share your opinion of things.

A blog is nothing more than your opinion on the world and how you see it. Everyone has their own opinion but there’s plenty of people in the world who think the same as you do.

This is how you gain new readers and followers. You just have to take that chance and overcome those fears to try blogging.

If you’re still excited after reading all of these things then blogging is probably made for you!



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