Top Five Binge Worthy Tv Shows On NetFlix

Top Five Binge Worthy Tv Shows On NetFlix

Netflix has tons of great and exciting movies throughout it’s categories that you can stream right now but if you’re looking for more commitment then just two to three hours then read on.

I am about to give you five awesome Tv Shows that you may have missed out on that are binge worthy!

Number One.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.

You might just think this another lame superhero show but I promise you that this show will impress!

It starts out with one hot time traveler, now if that doesn’t get you curious then I don’t know what will.

He recruits a chosen bunch of losers. Yep, you heard me right, he chose the losers of all time, literately.

They must travel through time and try to stop a great evil from happening to their future. Mistakes are heavy and lessons are learned as they take you through their journey to stop a powerful immortal man that wants to claim all of time and space.

It isn’t just about heroes or good and evil. It takes you through both the good and evil and shows that even “evil” people have a past and a future. That everyone is capable of doing great things. If you’ve got a little time to kill, give this show a try!

Bonus, season two just came out on Netflix!

Number Two.

Another great new show that came out on Netflix. This one is sure to impress!

It brings a whole new light to the typical Superhero theme and takes you into the life of Danny Rand, a Billionaire Monk.

Yes, you heard that right, a monk that’s rich. He doesn’t start that way however.

Iron Fist takes you into a wide city that isn’t built to house a monk that’s been away from civilization for many long years. He must fight his only family to claim his old life back, all the while trying to figure out what has happened to his previous life and why the further his digs, the more secrets come to the surface. He must battle with gangs, all the while protecting the family that doesn’t want him.

This show not only gives you beautiful moves and acting but it also keeps you clicking to the next episode to find out more about Danny’s strange life.

This Show is worth your time and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as everyone else does!

Number Three.

This Super Hero show will not only bring you to the edge of your seat but it will tug on your heart strings as Barry Allen goes through his life as an unnoticed CSI investigator. However, all of that changes one night as S.T.A.R Labs Particle Accelerator starts up and malfunctions, sending a lightening bolt straight into Barry’s chest, sending him into a coma.

When he awakes, he is shocked to find that he is now the fastest man alive and he is determined to put a stop to all the evil and to act as the city’s guardian angel. He is recruited by S.T.A.R Labs and soon becomes The Flash. This show takes you through his adventure of learning to become the hero the City needs, all the while trying to solve his families brutal murder when he was just a boy.

This show is worth your time!

Number Four.

Now if Super Hero’s aren’t your thing then I present you The Blacklist!

If mystery, murder, romance, and a cunning, funny man is what you’re looking for then look no more!

The Blacklist will launch you into a world full of suspense and mystery. It will have you raking your brain to try and figure out the clues before the episode is over. It will bring you laughter and tears as it drags you through family and death.

Raymond Reddington is the most wanted by the FBI and they will stop at nothing to catch him. They are shocked when he sends a video saying he wants Elizabeth Keen, a new FBI Profiler,  to work with and will give himself up if she is brought in.

They agree and learn Reddington does nothing unless it benefits him in some way. Soon they learn of Elizabeth’s ties to him and they agree to work with Reddington if he gives up his informants.

The main character is cunning and funny, always knowing the solution to each and every situation while he bribes his way out of trouble. With one smile and one joke, he’s slipped back into the shadows and sends the FBI running to solve his clues.

This show is wonderfully written and has an awesome plot full of heart stopping action, mystery, romance, and family. The actors are top notch and you will feel like you are sitting in the room with them.

Bonus, this show has many seasons to keep you clicking to the next episode!

Number Five.

This is an oldie but a goodie!

I have watched this show about six times all the way through to the end. This show will keep you on toes while you try to figure out what this mysterious island holds.

This show takes you on a journey on an island that holds many, many secrets. It starts out in an action packed airplane crash that changes the lives of everyone who was on board.

This show is packed with action, murder, mysteries, romance, secrets, and hope. It will keep you on the edge of your seat with every episode.

The main character, Jack, is a handsome young surgeon who’s whole live changes because of the plane crash. He is stranded on an island that won’t release its grip on him.

Everyone abroad the plane team up and form a group. Throughout the series, they are forced to explore the mysterious and dangerous island.

They encounter a fearsome group of people known as “The Others” as they hide from the monster that roams the forest only known as “The Smoke Monster”. They must fight Polar Bears and each other all the while trying to escape from this fearsome island.

It is a show that I have loved for many years and am even planning on watching it again soon.

Bonus! It has many, many seasons for you to binge watch! Highly recommend it!

I hope that this helped you find your next Tv Show!

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