10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Writing!

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Writing!


Okay Folks, so we’ve all heard of how romantic writing can be and how easy it all is. They say you can just sit down and start writing, which can be done, don’t get me wrong but a little more goes into it then that.

So you may be asking,

“Well what does go into writing? Why isn’t it easy?”

It isn’t easy because it takes lots of thought and lots of time to create a new world and new characters. The amount of planning that goes into a book is much more than many people think.



You have to first think what genre you would like to write in. If you don’t know what those are then a genre is like Action, Romance, Drama, Mystery, ect.


You then have to plan out who your character will be and what traits they have. You also have to remember that these characters are supposed to interact like a real person.

They must have feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams. They have to have goals, because without goals, really what’s even the point of living?

Every person in real life has a problem of some sort and feelings about that. You must get your readers to care about your character.

Decide if you want a love interest in your character’s life and slowly fan that flame. You really don’t want to just pointlessly throw a random love interest into your character’s life for no reason.

Your readers won’t care or even be interested in this sudden person that has nothing to do with the story. Just like in real life romance takes time to develop. Someone doesn’t just walk up to your door with flowers and be in total love with you.

Or if they did that would be a little strange. HaHa!


You then must create a new world, which can be the fun part!

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy creating a new world where anything is possible?

Where is this world located? The name? Era?

You can’t just start your first chapter off going on and on about the awesome world you just created. Which can suck because you’re super excited to show everything off!

But let me show you why you don’t want to do that.

“Nelly stepped into a rich green forest. Sunlight streamed down through the tall thick trees, sending a shiver down her back. She walked farther into the massive forest and froze when she felt her foot smash something. She had stepped on what looked to be some sort of mushroom. She shook her head as she looked at it closer. It almost seemed to glow bright green and that surprised her.”


Why would anyone want to read this?

They wouldn’t!

Would you walk into a bookstore and pick this random book up and start reading it? This would be the first chapter and it would just drawl on and on about these woods.

I almost bet you would put that sucker back! I know I would. You don’t want to bore your reader into putting your book down. You want them to buy that and share it with their loved ones. You want them to adore your book and never want it to end.

You don’t want to start it out like that because it doesn’t make you want to read it. You have no emotional connection with Nelly.

You can, however, start it maybe with something that makes the reader wonder why the character is going through that.

Such as,

“Haley had dealt with the weird on an almost daily bases but this was something she had never seen before. She felt real fear running through her heart for the first time in a long time. She slowly pulled out her gun and aimed it at the green creature as it bared its sharp teeth at her.”

This is a tiny bit better as it causes you to wonder what has Haley so afraid. Haley said she is experienced with the weird so what is so weird that it freaked her out?

It makes you want to read on, at least until you figure out has her scared.



The main thing about creating a story is deciding what the conflict your main character is going to face.

Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen to you character? Then do it ten times worse!

You have to get your readers to care about this new character. Why would they want to sit down and go through 60,000 or more words when they don’t care about your character?

You wouldn’t want Ashley to be scared of bats and then never in the book does she even see a bat. Why even tell your readers that she’s afraid of bats if she never faces one?

You wouldn’t want to tell your readers this,

“Ashley was scared of bats. She avoided everything to do with them but she doesn’t have to worry though. She’ll never have to deal with a bat even once through this whole book. I really don’t know why I even mentioned this?”

Instead, make Ashley face her biggest fear! It creates some type of conflict and makes your readers connect with her as everyone has some fear.

“Ashley froze when she saw something black breeze by her ear. She felt her heart thump against her chest as she looked ahead into the dark cave. She could hear her brother’s cry for help but she felt frozen in place. Her legs refused to move no matter how hard she tried. She could hear the tiny shrieks from the bats and it sent shivers down her back. She swallowed and fisted her hands. She was going to help her brother. She focused on his screams and took a step, determined to get to him.”

Just an example but it does make her face her fears and in order for the story to progress, she must overcome those fears. It can make your readers care about her because they might also be afraid of bats.


I wish someone would have told me that writing isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. I wish they would have told me that Writer’s Block does happen and it sucks!

Now you might be wondering,

“What on earth is a Writer’s Block?”

It can completely freeze your mind and cause it to be blank. It can cause your hands to lock up and you not be able to type or write. It is a terrible thing.

Most of the time Writer’s Block stems from some form of fear. Either of what people might think of your book or if they’ll even like it.

It could be from many things. I did a page on it if you’d like to read more on it and how to overcome it.

10 Easy Steps To OverCome Writer’s Block!


What really helped me write is to find a time during the day or night that works for you. I prefer evenings or nights as that is when I can just be by myself and put music on and write. The peace and quiet really helps me think.

Sometimes it can be hard to escape the everyday life but if you just keep plugging away at your book it will come together faster then you think.

Even if you are only able to do 500 words a day. In a few days it will add up fast!

50,000 or more words can come quicker then you think when you set a word goal and meet it everyday.

Who cares if it takes years? That time will pass anyhow so might as well write as it goes by, right? HaHa!


I wish someone had told me just how much music can help you with writing! I am always listening to it while I write. It can be super helpful when you need to set the mood.

It can be weird just sitting on the couch while your family streams by and you’re just sitting there trying to think of something to write.

Music can be really helpful in drowning out everyday noises and can help you focus on not worrying on the content you’re putting out.

“Why wouldn’t you want to worry about the content?”

Because it can slow you down. If you’re overly concerned about your spelling then you’d always be stopping and editing. That can really suck up your precious time.

You can always take a day and edit some other time. The important thing is to get words on that paper.

You can’t edit a blank page!


Ignore the negative people telling you can’t write a book! You can if you set your mind to it! You are powerful and you can do anything!

You can and will write a book and it will be awesome! Blow those negative people away and focus on what matters, writing your book.


You’re in the middle of your book and you haven’t a clue where it should go from here. You sit and stare at that blank page and blink.

Everyone gets to this point! Don’t worry about it too much.

Sometimes writing the ending of your story can help you to have a set point where your story has to go before it can get to the end.

Even if the end changes as time goes on it can still help you to have an end goal.


Congrats, you are probably getting ready to start writing your book!

Just know that writing can be a long and lonely road as many people don’t understand why you would want to do this.

My suggestion is, if you have a FaceBook, go and join some groups about writing!

There’s plenty of them and they’re filled with people just like you and they’ll even be able to help you if you’re stuck at some point.

Pinterest can be a lifesaver as well! So many ideas on writing prompts and other writing related things!

There’s also quotes on writing for those days you’re feeling down and need something to read.

Things To Avoid!

Now you may ask me,

“If that’s how you create a story then what should I avoid while I do this?”

Well you want to avoid boring your reader. What counts as boring your reader?

I’ll show you an example.

“Susie’s eyes snapped open when the alarm clock went off and she groaned. Another day…She rose from her bed and slipped on her slippers then walked to the mirror. She glared at herself and her sagging eyes. She yearned for her younger years when everything was simple and she didn’t have kids to care for everyday. She sighed and walked downstairs to prepare breakfast. She listened as the bacon fried in the pan and she flipped it without emotion.”

See? Kinda boring and after a while you don’t even want to really read about Susie’s boring life. Who cares if she wants to be younger or not have kids. Also, it’s super boring to start any story off as someone waking up to an alarm clock.

How many times have you read books where that’s been done?

Also, how do some books let you know what their character looks like?

They drawl on and on about how they look in the mirror. There’s other ways to do this.

“What are the other ways?”

Let me just show you.

“Chase looked down into Kara’s green eyes and he felt his heart crack. Kara was trying so hard to hold back the tears and she let out a small sniffle. She turned away as a tear slipped down her freckled cheek. Chase reached out and rested his hand on her slim shoulder. He gently turned her and stared at her red face. He tipped her small chin up lightly and smiled. He carefully wiped a tear from her cheek and brushed her frizzy red hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear.”

As you can see, you might have been more engaged. Why was Kara crying and why did Chase care? You might have even noticed that Chase is taller than Kara because he had to look down at her. You might even want to know more about those two and their world.

Show More Than Tell.

You’ve probably heard this one before. What does this even mean?

Showing rather than telling can help your readers engage in your book more.

Instead of just telling your readers that Haley is sad, you can show them.

“Haley swallowed, trying to stuff down the sob that threatened to escape her throat. She felt the hot tears prickling at her eyes as she sniffled.”

That’s showing. Of course, you don’t want to just go on and on about how sad Haley is. That can be boring.

You need a soft mixture of both telling and showing.

“Haley heard a strange sound outside of her door. She backed up into her bed and fell. She dropped down hard onto her bed. She could feel her heart thumping hard against her chest like a bird trapped in a cage. She held her breath as her eyes widened when the door slowly swung open.”

That is kind of a mixture of the two and it can engage your readers.

I hope this helps you in your writing and I wish you great luck as you move into this journey of writing!

Now, Go forth and conquer!








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