9 Ways To Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

9 Ways To Use Pinterest to Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

So you’ve just created an awesome blog and written up an amazing post only to sit back and frown as the crickets start on your blog.

If you’re at this point and really want to vamp up your blog views then you NEED to use Pinterest!

Why use Pinterest?

It has quickly become a very popular and well-known social site for people to share with others.

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest isn’t for talking with people.

It is just for people to share what strikes them as helpful or beautiful.

It also can skyrocket your total view count per day!

Imagine posting a pin to Pinterest and many months later your old pin pops up. This happens because once the pin is there it stays unless it’s deleted.

What that means is you could still be getting views off of an old pin and that means more volume to your blog!

 So if you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon then read on!

Create a Pinterest business account.

You really want to do this because it allows you to enable rich pins, which I’ll get to in a minute, it allows you to get analytics, and more.

Here’s the link to sign up.  https://business.pinterest.com/en

Now why would you want to enable Pin Rich on your Pinterest? It really helps you to add a better looking and easily seen pin to your board.

Here’s two pin side by side. One has Pin Rich enabled and one doesn’t.


You can see the one with Pin Rich enable has a black and large text around the photo. Where the one without it is just small text and not as easily seen.

How do you enable Pin Rich?

You will also need to have SEo Yoast Plugin for your blog, which is super easy to add!

You just go to your plugins on your wordpress blog, like this:


Then you click the “Add New” button and search for Seo Yoast.

You then search for “Seo Yoast.”


Then click activate and follow the prompts from Seo Yoast. Easy!

This is important because Pinterest needs what are know as meta tags for you to enable Pin Rich pins.

From here you’ll go to validate your pins. You do that by copying the link from your blog post and posting it into the validate box. Here. https://developers.pinterest.com/tools/url-debugger/

From there you have to apply for Pin Rich ads then once you’re approved you’ve got Pin Rich!

Awesome! You’re on your way!

Create a board.

This is an important step on starting a successful Pinterest account. This is where you’ll save all of your new pins and where you’ll share you content to.

You want to make sure you name it simple and to the point.

What I mean by that is say that you have a blog about writing, such as I do. So you’d want to pick a topic and then name it that.


You can see for my Writing related Topics I gave it a simple name for people to find what they’re looking for.

You never want to just give a random and hard to find name to it such as “Wri8ter Tipz.”

No one will ever search for that name so your board won’t be found by many people so that means no views to your blog.


Add a good but brief description to your boards, plus a nice photo.

You want to add a brief description to your boards because that also helps people to find your blog from the key words in it and it helps search engines find your board as well, meaning more views to your blog!

Now you only get a brief section to add a simple description to your board so make it count and make it accurately describe it.

Now you also want to put a featured image on your board to attract more views to it. Since Pinterest is largely a visual site and many people judge by photos make sure to make it count and choose a bright, cheery photo.

If you look around Pinterest for long you’ll see that everything is very bright and cheery on there so try to stick to what draws people in.

What counts as a bright and cheery photo?

Here’s an example:

Here’s a great example of a bright and cheery photo for your new board!


Add a photo of yourself plus a description to your Pinterest.

This is important because it adds a connection to your readers and gives them a sense of who you are. Just as you add a about me on your blog, you must also give your readers a bit on why they should follow you.

You want a nice photo of yourself that is bright and happy, which is the going theme on Pinterest.


You want them to get a sense of who you are and feel a connection to you over the screen.

You sort of get a sense of who I am which is a Boho-Outdoor-Travel loving-Dog obsessed-Loving person.

I want people to feel that connection with me and I want them to read my description and want to follow me.

My description shares what I do and also some keywords to help people find me easier.


Adding Images to your blog posts!

Always do this if you’re looking to share to Pinterest. Remember what I said earlier? Pinterest goes by photos!

It is largely a place for eye candy so to say so make sure you provide them with nice, bright, cheery, and clear photos.


I use and recommend Pixabay for great quality photos that are free! You can use them without having to credit people.  You can find this free site here. https://pixabay.com/

I use Canva to edit my photos and make them look super good. It provides text, layouts, and fonts for free.

It also gives you many sizing options for blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, ect. So there’s already a sizing option for you if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

You can find this amazing site here! https://www.canva.com/

Here’s some examples of what can be done using those two free services.



Engage on Pinterest!

Make sure to be active on your Pinterest account and pin only good, non spam pins that you love or helps your followers.

You don’t just want to pin only your things because the people who don’t know you will have no reason to follow you because they have no connection to you.

You need to build up some nice Pinterest boards and come throughout the day to pin new content to them.

You can also create group boards and add new people to them if you know some people who’d be interested in that.

People pin at different times throughout the day so make sure to pin at different times to hit new people.

The only way to get yourself out there is to find others like you and follow their boards as well. It gives them a reason to look at yours too.


Join Group Boards.

Many people seem to forget about this important option but it is a valuable one!

Once you find out what you want your Pinterest to be about you can go on the look out for what is known as group blogs, which is a large group of people with a large following of people who both own and share on a board.

Here’s what a group board looks like.


As you can see there’s many people on this group board and you can tell that these things can hold massive followings for you if you can join them.

Now there’s different ways to join group blogs and normally you can just comment on a post asking in but sometimes you have to send a message to the board creator and ask them if you can join.

Most of the time the rules on how to join are in the description.

Now you may be wondering how you even find these things?

Well, lucky for you there’s an easy way so you don’t have to slog through hours of random boards until you find one.

There’s a cool site called PinGroupie that lets you put in key words that you’re looking for and you can easily find groups that way!

Fine it here and start taking advantage of these boards! http://pingroupie.com/


Include Social Buttons on your blog!

This is very important because people need to be able to share your content around.

How you do this is you have to add a plugin to your WordPress blog, which is easy to do.

I use and recommend JQuery and Social Pug for this.



This really helps add a new way for readers to interact with your posts and share them with people.


As always, I hope you’ll share this if you thought it helped you!












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