Road Trip Guide Up The Oregon Coast!

Road Trip Guide Up The Oregon Coast!


Road trip Up The Oregon Coast














You’re wanting to travel but have no idea where to start or even what to pack. You’re might not even be sure where to go.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there and done that. I am here to show you what I did on my trip up the Oregon Coast.

So, if you’re anything like me then you are about to have a panic attack at the mere thought of packing up and leaving your home without any clue as to what you’re doing.

It took me a long time to plan for my trip but with this guide, it shouldn’t take you nearly as long as it did me.

First I had to decide on a place to go.

Might sound kind of easy and maybe even fun to choose a place to go see for the first time. But for me at least, this was pretty hard.

I finally decided on a starting point,

Newport Oregon to Long Beach, Washington. If I remember right, that is about 149 miles and that’s not even a round trip. Plus, I live about 50 miles from Newport so add that on as well. That’s a lot of miles for a first trip!

I about died at the thought of getting in the car and having to deal with traffic for that long. I also had to plan to be in the car for hours just driving. I had to plan how to keep everyone entertained during this time.

One of my first thoughts was,

“How much is this gonna cost me??”

I had to start with figuring out the food. You might not think three people eat a lot but let me tell you something, they eat a whole lot!

I decided to do this as cheap as I could because, come on, who wants to spend a bunch of money?

In order to buy my food to last for three days, as that’s how long we decided on staying, I searched up Surveys.

Now that might have just made you raise an eyebrow at the thought of spending time filling out surveys but it does add up.

Anytime I sat down at the computer and wasn’t doing anything I just pulled up SurveyMonkey and started filling it out. In the end, we earned $5.00. Doesn’t sound like much but we didn’t work hard at it. For just a few minutes a day, it was worth it.

Next we had to figure out just what sort of things do people enjoy eating while on the road? We originally bought these little fire burners so we could stop at parks along the way and cook up some Ramen Noodles. Haha! Let me tell you, we didn’t even touch the Ramen along the whole trip.

We learned really quick that people like snacking more than sitting down and eating, so cooking was out. Plus, we had a packed schedule and cooking Ramen wouldn’t have fit into it.

I suggest for snacks are,

  • Granola Bars. Now you can make your own for pretty cheap but we opted out on that one and just bought them.
  • Trail Mix. It’s nice to have when you’re driving along and get hungry.
  • Cookies. Who doesn’t love to snack on cookies while you’re having fun?
  • Jerky. There’s many flavors and everyone loves jerky.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. These are nice to have throughout the day.
  • Chips.

Now, moving onto what we ate, which wasn’t a whole lot.

What we had,

  • Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Honey Ham. You slice them in halve and make sandwiches out of them. Soo good!!
  • Beans. Lame I know but it got us through.
  • Ramen Noodles. Didn’t touch them.
  • Spaghetti Os. Loved these and could pack a lot of them.
  • Spaghetti. Seeing a pattern here?

Yeah so we kinda lived off of those. This was our first trip.

I wish we would have packed more cans of stuff as it can be stored away and you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

I wish we would have packed more snacks as they go by super fast! Also, bring something other than water to drink! You’ll get bored of that pretty quick!

Next was the hardest of all the trip and that was deciding on what to see along the way.

We have seen Newport many times so we kind of blew that over but there is many things to do there such as,

  • The Yaquina Head Light House and Nature Area. Pretty cool and many people love it. One person said,

“The young lady who gave the tour was fantastic! She was lively and made the tour extremely interesting with her vast knowledge. There are a lot of stairs but doable even for me (I have a bad back) The lighthouse was one of the best I’ve been to and I’ve seen a lot of them! I highly recommend s tour. We even saw two bald eagles which was a real treat!

Visited April 2017
  • The Hatfield Marine Science Center. Really cool here as you get to see and learn about all the ocean’s critters. One person said,

“Great educational experience. Does not cost, but recommended to pay $2 per person. Best part is private classes for groups. $5 per person then. Fun, interactive, and educational. Sooooo worth the $5. Every school, church, class, etc. should book this.

Visited March 2017″
  • The Oregon Coast Aquarium. Super cool! There’s so many things to see and learn. There’s a giant Shark walk through tube that you can watch the sharks swim above you as you walk through it. One person said,
“My favorite part is the jellyfish exhibition! The shark tank is a tube you walk through and the sharks swim birth advice and below you!”
Those are just a few of the awesome things waiting for you in Newport Oregon!
On the way up the coast is Depoe Bay which is a tiny little town but it is home to the smallest harbor and has an awesome bridge you can walk under to watch the boats come in. There’s also a Whale Watching boat you can go out onto.
Past Depoe bay is Lincoln City, another small city but it houses some pretty cool stuff too. Such as,
  • Regatta Grounds Park. It is awesome! It’s filled with many things to climb on and it’s adult friendly. There is also picnic tables there that are covered. Also, if you walk a little ways behind the covered picnic tables then you’ll find a massive tree.


 Road trip Up The Oregon Coast
Road trip Up The Oregon Coast
  • Prehistoric. This is a pretty cool Dinosaur Museum, filled with real Dinosaur bones! Just be careful though, they are expensive!


 Road trip Up The Oregon Coast
Road trip Up The Oregon Coast
Now on the way up you pass through many tiny towns that we chose not to stop at but there are little shops and stuff through each one of them if you’re interested.
We passed through Tillamook, which we would have loved to have seen the famous Cheese Factory but as of 2017 it is under construction and won’t be finished until next year. Bummer I know.
But there are other things to see here.
  • The Tillamook County Pioneer Museum. This place was really neat and the people there were super friendly. It housed many different things such as a really neat Taxidermy section.


 Road trip Up The Oregon CoastRoad trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast
  • The Tillamook Air Museum. It houses many different types of Air Planes and Jets, plus old time cars, tractors, and even an old Blimp. There’s a children’s place area too.

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast


You’ll now pass through Idaville, Bay City, Garibaldi, and Barview before you come into Rockaway Beach, which is where we spend the night.

Rockaway Beach is another small town that sits close to the beach and has one of the most beautiful beaches ever. It is just a nice little town with random shops throughout it.

Our favorite part of Rockaway Beach was, well, the beach! We made an awesome fire on it and just sat and watched the waves roll in. We even got to see a Bald Eagle! Of course, there is also Twin Rocks which is pretty cool as well!

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast


We skipped through the small towns of Nedonna Beach, Brighton, Mohler, Nahalem, Manzanita, Neahkahnie, and  Arch Cape.

We stopped in Cannon Beach and got to walk the long beach to see Haystack Rock. There was tide pools at it’s base and lots of Sea Gulls.

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast

We then preceded to Seaside, which was cool. Here are the things we saw.

  • The Turnaround. Just a small road that goes in a circle so you can see the beautiful ocean

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast


  • The Seaside Aquarium. Now I had heard a lot about this place but I wasn’t impressed. The animals were in small tanks and didn’t seem very happy. I wouldn’t go again. Not worth the price.

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast

  • Lewis and Clark Salt Works.  Not a whole lot to see but it is kind of cool that they made their salt there.

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast

  • The Funland Arcade. This place was packed with many fun things to do and you can even win things. We won candy and toys.


From here we headed to Astoria! It was an amazing drive and we saw many beautiful things along the way. You could watch the Sea Gulls fly above you as you drove and you could watch the ocean waves beat against the sand.

Astoria was amazing! The first thing you see when you come into Astoria is the Megler Bridge! Simply amazing!

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast


Things we did in Astoria.

  • Astoria Column. This thing was awesome and very, very high up. For me, who is afraid of heights, this was a scary thing to climb. Once you get to the top though, the view is worth it. You can see for miles around you and can get many beautiful pictures of Astoria.


Road trip Up The Oregon Coast

  • Fort Steavens State Park. This was one of my favorite things as there was just so much history here and so many things to see. You can go into the old buildings and bunkers to see what it was like back in the day. There’s just so much to see here and I highly recommend it! There’s also a really cool Ship Wreck there!

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast


  • The Flavel House Museum. So pretty!! This is an old Victorian style home that has been preserved during its long life. It is gorgeous and filled with period style things that are in lovely condition. It is very interesting to see how people lived back in the day.

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast


  • The Oregon Film Museum. This place was fun, interesting, and interactive. You got to learn about all the movies that were recorded in Oregon, including the Goonies! Many of their props from the movie were there and you could even create your own movie and have it emailed to you. So much fun!

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast


From here we decided to cross the long bridge that sits along the water and goes on for 4.1 miles until you cross into Washington.

We made our way into Washington where we saw,

  • Cape Disappointment to see the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.  This place was packed with historic info on Lewis and Clark, which was really neat to read about their whole journey and interact with their world.

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast



We then went into Long Beach, Washington, where we stopped at,

  • Marsh’s Free Museum. This place was packed full of things to buy and place with. They had old penny games that were fun to play with. However, some of them didn’t work but it was only a penny.

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast

  • The Long Beach Board Walk. This was pretty cool but we didn’t stay long as it was raining.


Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast

  • Long Beach. We got to drive out onto the beach and watch the waves while we ate our candy. It was so much fun and we made lots of memories.


From here we started the long trip back home which took us three and a half hours. We passed through so many little towns that they all started to blend together after a while of driving. We had so much fun on this road trip and defiantly recommend you to take this beautiful drive up the coast!

Some random pictures we took along the way.

Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast Road trip Up The Oregon Coast


I hope this helped you to plan your road trip up the coast.







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