Five Ways To Stop Your Thighs From Rubbing This Summer

Five Ways To Stop Your Thighs From Rubbing This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and for some of us, that means the dreaded thigh rubbing.

Now for the majority of us, Summer is one of the greatest times of our lives but for some of us this just means pain and misery.

This is something that a lot of people struggle with, more than you think. Not everyone has the wonderful thigh gap and that’s okay.

So here’s a list of all the things I have used over the years and what has helped me stop my thighs from rubbing!


Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands – Prevent Thigh Chafing – Black Onyx, Size C


This is at the top of my list and what has really helped me! I can’t say enough about this product and how awesome it is.

If you are a bad chaffer and you often find yourself in pretty bad pain when the nice weather comes along then these bad boys will stop all of that in its tracks!

What is a Bandelette?

It is only the most helpful item I have found in my search against the horrible thigh rub.

Imagine being able to wear dresses and skirts without having to have leggings under it!

That’s what these babies will give you!

They are a band that fits around your thighs in the problem area and prevents chaffing. They have a silicon strip around the top and bottom of them to hold them in solid place all day long.

I am a jogger and they don’t slip when I run. I never have to readjust them and, best of all, they work!

I mean, how many times have you been able to say, “I have found something that actually works?”

Not very often. This is the only time I can truly say that yes, this has stopped the rub for good!

They come in so many different colors and designs. They have adorable lace in red, white, black, and more!

They even have universal ones in case you’re a man and you’re not into sporting around the lacey Bandelette.

These things are awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone who struggles with thigh rub.


Anti-Monkey Butt.


Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder 6-oz.

Now you’re probably laughing about the name of this stuff but it does work.

I have used this off and on throughout the years and I will say that this does work and it lasts for a little while.

It prevents chaffing for a time and if you’re looking for a quick fix for the day and you aren’t a really bad chaffer then this stuff will work.

It comes in a pink bottle that you sprinkle out like baby powder and the bottle will last you a long time.

I will say that if you rub pretty bad then this won’t last too long and that’s one of the downfalls of this which is, you’ll probably have to apply this multiple times.

Body Glide.


Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm (2.5-Ounce)(Packaging May Vary)

I have used this in the past and I will say it has lasted long than the Anti-Monkey Butt.

It will prevent the moderate chaffing as it comes in like a deodorant and you apply it the same way.
It helped me for a while but I had to reapply it a lot throughout the day. I would say if you don’t chaff a whole lot then this would work for you.


Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick.


Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick Unscented 1.75 oz

I have used this in the past and, much like the Body Glide, it is much like a deodorant stick and is applied in the same way.

It protects your skin for a brief time and it feels like you have oil or something on your skin.

It does help the chafing for a time but you will have to reapply it throughout the day.

If you’re a bad chaffer then this will only help you for a little while but if your legs only chafe a little then this should help you.


Seamless Leggings.


Lush Moda Seamless Full Length Leggings – Variety of Colors – Black
Of course, if you’re looking for a quick fix that doesn’t need to be applied throughout the day then there’s always the trusted leggings.

My legs rub so much that I can’t even have the seams on my leggings so I have always bought seamless leggings that I can wear under my skirts and dresses.

These have saved me countless times on those hot and muggy days when you really don’t feel like wearing pants and would rather have a dress on.

They come in many different colors and sizes and they work like a charm.


These are all of my tips and what has worked for me over the years. I hope this helped you! Make sure to share so others can benefit from this too. 




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